Sunday, August 25, 2013

Urban Gardening Adventures in Houston

Next week I start the Master Gardener program in Harris County. I will be learning lots of stuff to help local gardeners here in Houston. My goal for now is to just absorb what I can and do the best to spread the word to others. I have a LOT of experience container gardening here in Houston. I've done everything from a tiny porch garden in an apartment, to raised beds in the back yard. I'm trying to develop a great system I call "Provident Landscaping." THis is landscaping that serves as both a vegetable garden and fashionable landscaping to compete with your neighbors and satisfy your HOA. I love the idea of Sustainable Landscaping and think it would be great to encourage local businesses to plant edible varieties of plants instead of just the normal shrubery that serves only one function. Imagine your local HEB with Strawberries and Blueberries on the curb instead of whatever they are using now (It's not like you could keep the grackles away in any case :P ). If you have ideas, if you have a great garden, especially a container garden in an urban area, let us see it! Send me a message, post a reply, like our Facebook page. Lets get Houston into the trend of Urban Gardening and kick this city up a notch--dispel all the negatives (fattest city in America) and instill some REAL positives here. Please share and spread the word/1